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Evening Bags For Every Occasion - A Woman in a green sweater with a black and gold blouse rocks her Silver Jazz Clutch from Jessica McClintock Evening Bags

Definitely the most extravagant of seasons—winter is approaching with an invitation to every formal event. Swap those summer sundresses for elegant evening wear and those fall booties for open-toed heels.

With every occasion on the horizon, including winter formal, holiday events, dinners, galas, work events, and fall and winter weddings; our Jessica McClintock evening bags and clutches and clutch bags for weddings are calling your name (Like our Jazz Clutch pictured above - $27.00). 

Why does a women’s clutch elevate every outfit?

According to Love to Know, the clutch purse made its first introduction as a reticule during the Victorian era to carry a lady’s handkerchief and smelling salts. Jessica McClintock Evening Bags - Hailey Bow ClutchIt was reintroduced during World War II when rationing was required and less was more. However, after the war, every woman reached for the coveted clutch purse as their evening bag of choice.

Evening clutch bags are the ultimate accessory to any formal event because of the following key factors:

  1.     They’re small and lightweight. Easy to carry—plain and simple. Nobody wants to lug around a large shoulder bag that covers their beautiful dress or evening gown. Also, a clutch purse limits you to only bringing the essentials—a couple of credit cards, lip gloss, keys—you get the idea.
  2.     It’s 2 purses in 1. Sometimes a women’s clutch will also have a crossbody option! These versatile purses can easily go from day to night (or night to day if you’re a party animal!)
  3.     So much customization. There are evening bags and clutches in virtually any shape, size, color, and material. It’s just up to you to decide which one suits you best! But most importantly, particularly when choosing the right size clutch, don’t select a too-tiny clutch and overstuff it or one that’s too large and become Mary Poppins—My Velvet Box Ng recommends, “if your clutch is bulging at the seams, get a larger one or simply drop off the excess load.”

While there is no shortage of women’s clutch purses to choose from, according to The Fox Magazine, “A clutch bag with good material can change your overall look significantly. Having clutch bags made from good quality material will last longer and carry a certain look to them. At the same time, it will not make your clutch bag look flimsy and give it some structure.”

For the dancing queen at winter formal

This sweetheart rocker-style metal mesh Hailey Bow Clutch ($48.00) demands to be flaunted on the dance floor. It’s 2 purses in 1 with a detachable shoulder strap chain. Easy to open and close with a satisfying magnetic snap closure for those lightning-quick lipgloss reapplications. 

This women’s clutch features a large main compartment and credit card slip pocket. This clutch is youthful, fun, and stylish—the best choice for being crowned queen at winter formal.

For the ‘home for the holidays’

Maybe you’ve stepped off a 5-hour plane ride to go visit your in-laws or walked Jessica McClintock Evening Bags - VIENNA SPARKLE & SHINE FLAP WRISTLETdown the street to meet your friends at the local neighborhood hot spot. Either way, it’s the season of gathering, gift-giving, and looking your best. And nothing says celebration like champagne. 

Now’s the time to debut your new champagne evening bag, the Vienna Sparkle & Shine Flap Wristlet ($32.00). Its sparkly festive sequin exterior contains a large main compartment and back wall pocket for just the essentials. This women’s clutch features a detachable shoulder strap chain and 10’’ crystal wrist strap—making it a 3 for 1 purse!

For the dinner date

When was the last time you had a formal sit-down dinner surrounded by those you love? It doesn’t happen often, so when it does, dress up for the occasion with this silver evening bag, the Katie Lurex Evening Clutch With Stones ($42.00). Her first impression is contemporary couture—with closer inspection she’s romantic and glitzy.

This platinum ball mesh evening clutch bag features a spacious main compartment and back wall pocket. Open and close with ease in dim dinner lighting, thanks to its magnetic snap closure. 

For the gala gal

You were excited upon opening the invitation, a tad nervous while selecting a black-tie outfit, and now that the event has finally arrived—be fierce with this Jessica McClintock Evening Bags - Blaire Framed Satin Evening Clutchsilver evening bag, the Blaire Framed Satin Evening Clutch ($35.00). She’s glamorous and sophisticated with a supple satin exterior and clasp snap closure. Its sleek design features 1 large open pocket and a credit card slip pocket. This stunning clutch is virtually timeless and the perfect accessory for your evening look.

For the working woman who works it

Your coworkers are probably well aware of your acute fashion sense around the office, but have they ever witnessed your keen taste in evening clutch bags? Stop them in their tracks with the savvy and individualist Metal Mesh Roll Evening Clutch ($42.00). Featuring a detachable shoulder strap chain, magnetic snap closure, 1 zip pocket, a large main compartment, and a metal mesh exterior. This silver evening bag is available in silver, light gold, and black. 

For the bride to be

Now is a wonderful time of year for a white wedding! Whether you’re a maid of honor, bridesmaid, or the bride herself, the optimal choice of handbag for a wedding is the clutch purse.

The main criteria to look out for when browsing clutch bags for weddings, Jessica McClintock Evening Bags - ANGEL SATIN TUXEDO FLAP EVENING CLUTCHaccording to Wedding Wire, is to keep it small so you don’t end up shuffling a giant tote of useless items around with you on your special day. 

Versatility is important, “your wedding handbag should be quite the chameleon.” Don’t let your purse draw attention away from you during photo ops. Make sure it’s comfortable to carry, “try walking around the store with your desired wedding purse for a while, if it’s cumbersome or painful to carry, you know that it’s not ‘the one.’” Finally, and most importantly, be certain it matches your outfit, “you’ll want to make sure the color of the wedding handbag doesn’t clash.”

Take a look at our elegant and effervescent silver Angel Satin Tuxedo Flap Evening Clutch ($35.00). Protected by a super soft satin exterior, its polished, romantic, and minimalist design will complement your outfit without stealing the show. Feel beautiful and put together with this silver evening clutch featuring 1 large main compartment, credit card slip pocket, and magnetic snap closure.

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