How To Get Ready For Winter Formal

How To Get Ready For Winter Formal - Two evening clutch bags rest on a counter top with makeup.

It’s that time of year again—winter’s chilly air, drinking hot chocolate, bundling up to root on your high school’s football team for another season. These months are made for appreciating all the wonderful people during this period of your life. 

You only get to experience high school once so let’s make the most of it by celebrating another milestone high school moment—the annual Winter Ball. Stay tuned for how to get ready for winter formal with our show-stopping evening bags.

When You’re On That Student Budget

In the  Yahoo Style’s Prom Across America survey, they “sampled more than 1,700 people, asked respondents a whole gamut of questions that reflect the high school prom experience, including those related to expenses, attire and dress code, social pressure, and gender issues. 

The results were primarily organized by age and region.” What they found was Chloe Pleated Satin Clutch - A woman in a blue and black dress sifts through a close rack looking for the perfect gown. that, “Overall spending for prom in the Northeast averaged almost $700 for teens, nearly 14 percent more than for teens in the Midwest, who spent the least on prom.” 

Prom, winter formal, homecoming—all important occasions in one’s high school career—they all have another thing in common too and that’s that they can be expensive! Seriously, things really start to add up, you have to think about:

  1. Find the perfect dress
  2. Accessories
  3. Hair and makeup
  4. Matching boutonnière and corsage
  5. Who are you going with? (Friends, sibling, date?)
  6. Where are you meeting beforehand? (Which friend’s house or restaurant?)
  7. How are you arriving? (Limo or parent’s ride?)
  8. …Am I missing anything?

While the list seems a little long… below are some helpful tips on how to look your best, feel your best, and find that perfect winter formal dress and clutch purse.

Reuse, Recycle, Restyle Formal Dresses

Because why wear a beautiful formal dress only once? According to a  USA Today article, “teens in search of prom dresses today are increasingly looking at their dresses like an “investment,” according to Kayleigh McPeck, public relations coordinator at Faviana a special-occasion brand that specializes in prom dresses.” 

Perhaps its next appearance could be at your high school graduation or another formal event? You could alter its appearance through decorations, different skirt cuts, and more. Think about swapping dresses with a friend, family member, neighbor, or another student! 

There are plenty of ways to stay under budget when it comes to picking out the perfect dress. But what about affordable accessories you ask? Well, we have that covered too.Blaire Framed Satin Evening Clutch Wallet - Jessica McClintock Evening Bags

For the Classic Cutie

Be the Cinderella of the Winter Ball—minus the pumpkin carriage debacle, of course—and arrive with the graceful  Blaire Framed Satin Evening Clutch ($35.00) in tow. This svelte number is oh-so-charming with its satin exterior and snap closure. 

Available in Pewter, Silver, Navy, Black, and Champagne—this evening bag is compatible with most winter formal dresses. Slide your school ID in its credit card slip pocket and your favorite lipstick and powder for seamless touchups before taking photos with your friends.

For the Sparkle Enthusiast

Who doesn’t love a little bling? Shine like a diamond at the Winter Ball with the ultra-cool  Chloe Pleated Satin Clutch ($42.00). Available in Black, Silver, and Champagne—this evening clutch will compliment any and all winter dresses, including your winter formal nails (if you choose to get them done). 

Featuring a gorgeous pleated satin exterior and closure that snaps shut magnetically; this clutch can contain an emergency credit card, extra hair tie, phone charger, and more in its large interior open pocket and back wall zip pocket. Consider doing your hair to match the ‘bling of the bag’ with some sparkly hair clips?

For the School Sweetheart

You’ve invited all your friends and their dates over to your house to get ready Jessica McClintock Evening Bags - Honey Top Handle Evening Bagand take photos before heading off to winter formal in the rented limo. Surprise everyone with the stately and dapper  Honey Top Handle Evening Bag ($28.00). 

Its unique handle will have everyone talking—featuring a detachable shoulder strap chain. On the exterior, there is a lovely rhinestone brooch to add some flair to your winter ensemble. Tuck away your winter formal necessities inside its large main compartment. Be the Belle of the ball with this ultrachic addition.

For the Retro Rebel

If you really want to stand out from the crowd then the  Lily Pleated V-Flap Satin Clutch ($26.00) is calling your name. Its supple satin exterior is available in a variety of colors, including, Navy Blue, Black, Champagne, and Silver. 

Sometimes this decade is a little too slick so let’s take a detour back to the 70s with this posh purse and perhaps a matching corsage and boutonnière? Amble space inside for credit cards, student IDs, makeup touchups, and more. Now time to dance the night away! 

For the Dancing Queen

Be exceptional with this majestic and fun-loving evening bag—introducing the all-eyes-on-her  Metal Mesh Roll Evening Clutch ($42.00). This formal bag is absolutely dazzling and meant to turn heads on the dance floor with its metal mesh exterior. Available in Light Gold, Silver, and Black—this bag features a detachable shoulder strap chain, and a large main body compartment. Toss a few scrunchies and hair ties inside to pass to your friends to keep the hair out of your faces when grooving on the dance floor! 

Jessica McClintock Evening Bags - Gwen Ball Mesh Ring Wristlet Pouch

For the Pretty & Prepared

Perfect for those that like to come prepared to any social event, meet our star of the show—the  Gwen Ball Mesh Ring Wristlet Pouch ($42.00). Feel like a glamour queen with its eye-catching mesh exterior, detachable shoulder strap chain and large interior open pocket. Grab this formal bag in either Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, or Black. You can fit a pair of flats inside for when the heels start to cramp your style dancing all night—along with your wallet and other necessities for a successful winter formal.

Time To Have Some Fun!

Now you’re ready for a wonderful winter formal. A night to remember with all of your friends (or even a date)! Now that you’ve seen it’s possible to look like a million bucks without growing a money tree in your backyard, the sky’s the limit to looking and feeling your best. Don’t forget to take tons of pictures!

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